With a staff of 25 people (Engineers, Business Account Managers, Drivers studies, site managers, buyers, controllers, mechanics) ISIS Development is your best partner for all matters concerning the management of your local and international projects/ mechanical and electromechanical accomplishments in Romania, as well as in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia etc.

isis-d (4)ISIS Development has the know how to perform:

Mechanical subassemblies and manufacture:

  • Mechanical welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminum, sheet metal machining
  • Conventional machining and CNC machining with 3 to 5 axes up to 10m
  • Cutting (laser, oxy-fuel, plasma and water jet)
  • Electroerosion machining: Wire cutting and die sinking
  • Processing (thermal, surface, chemical, painting etc.)
  • Turnkey assemblies
  • 3D control (surface plate or laser) and Metrolog geometry reports

Industrial automation (Through our partners)

  • Cabinets manufacturing
  • PLC Programming
  • Installation and testing (electrical equipment, hygiene etc.)

Equipment: electric - electropneumatic (Through our partners)

  • Electropneumatic wiring
  • Electropneumatic equipment
  • Assembly and testing

isis-d (2)The main areas of activity for which ISIS Development can bring you its expertise:

Body-in-white tooling (Automotive/Aerospace Industry)

  • Automated Cells
  • Surface plates
  • Grippers
  • Welding cells
  • Handling
  • Control tooling / Benches and Means of Testing / Prototype
  • Seam Crimping Tool

Control equipment / assembly equipment / handlers / test benches riveting (aeronautics)

Metal Structures (Stainless steel-Aluminum-Steel)

  • Gateways / Platforms / Decks / Industrial and Commercial buildings
  • Ducts (stainless steel, aluminum, steel)
  • Kilns and dryers (car / wagon / ferry)

Handling machinery in the global construction industry

  • Conveyors and transfer
  • Distributor / Palletizing

Industrial equipment for the food industry::

  • Hoppers / ovens / mixers etc.…