Outsourcing – Purchase

ISIS DEVELOPMENT is both a purchasing centre and a logistics platform.
A comprehensive outsourcing and purchasing offer of ''non-strategic'' or ''tertiary'' products allowing you to optimize purchases (time, cost, quality, environmental impact etc.)
Our work allows your "Purchase" teams to stay focused on strategic or specific purchases.

Service Offering

  • Indirect / MRO - Industrial Supplies, Electronics, Metrology, Instrumentation, Tooling, Safety Equipment, PPE, Laboratory Supplies etc.
  • Indirect / General Expenses - Office supplies and consumables, both physical or digital, computer hardware etc.
  • Purchases of services - Maintenance, Training, Marketing, Various tertiary services etc.
  • Stocks Transfer - Our company offers financial transfer of your stocks. The stock is physically at the client, but they pay the parts gradually, according to their consumption
  • Adjustments - Services of orders management. These orders are processed without a sourcing approach, the supplier is identified by the client and the conditions are set in advance between the two parties

We put at your disposal the best skills to optimize your supply chain

Outsourcing activity: Purchasing - Procurement - Logistics

  • Flow of goods: From procurement from suppliers to delivery
  • Logistics flows: From shipping to the delivery in the place of your choice
  • Administrative flows: From order taking to billing
  • Financial flows: From suppliers payments to customers payments

Enjoy competitive purchasing prices::

  • International procurement
  • Competitive bidding of several suppliers
  • Special rates (purchasing volume effect)
  • Consolidation of needs and sharing with expectations of other clients

Optimize your purchasing and structure expenditures:

  • By converting your fixed costs into variable costs
  • By reducing the volume and time of administrative processing

Optimize the performance of your Supply Chain:

  • By reducing low value-added administrative tasks
  • By focusing your buyers on activities with higher added value and on strategic purchases
  • By reducing the volume and time of administrative processing